Knuckles Chaotix

Some help with graphics editing

Created by Heran_Bago.
Thanks to KojiChao, Saxman, Icy Guy, Tweaker and Dinner Sonic.
Submitted by Sonic Hachelle-Bee on May 24 2005.


All art I've covered is made up of 8x8 tiles arranged into bigger shapes, which one can guess at given experiance playing the game. It comes obvious for some like flowers and objects. These tiles are compressed in the Nemesis format and can be extracted from the ROM with nemsrch.exe. nemsrch.exe is one of the many helpfull files in Nemesis's MD programs pack, which can be scored off Sonicology. When decompressed with nemsrch, each file's name is the address where the art was decompressed from in the ROM. All the graphics compressed in the Nemesis format are loaded into the Genesis' VDP, not the 32X's. Also, this art uses genesis colors, never MARS, what the 32X uses, and I will often refer to as GBA color (same format). If I am wrong anywhere, please tell me.

After nemsrch-ing, it finds 98 files. The files are the same in NTSC and PAL versions.... same addresses even.

Art may be decompressed, edited, and inserted back into the ROM just like Genesis Sonic games.
(Experience hacking MD sonic games highly reccomended.)

Level 8x8 tiles, foreground and/or background

00229238 -- Not Sure
0022F3B4 -- Botanic Base 8x8 Forground Tiles
0023FA74 -- Botanic Base 8x8 Background Tiles (70% sure)
00263554 -- Amazing Arena 8x8s
0028BFC4 -- Marina Madness 8x8s (I used to think they were Botanic Base. Still not 100% sure.)
002A7924 -- Marina Madness 8x8s
00299638 -- Isolated Island 8x8 Foreground Tiles
0029B778 -- Isolated Island 8x8 Background Tiles

The hard part is identifying the zone(s) that tiles belong to. If you can identify any, do tell. It will be listed here, and you will indeed be credited.

Text art

0022E100 -- Numbers and Letters from title screen and menus (e.g. color test, level select). Perfectly matches those used in Sonic Crackers.
002C4B20 -- Numbers and Letters for sound test, level names, other things.
002C4F9A -- Credits.
002C8178 -- Text from training menu.
002CABC0 -- Text from the scenario quest menu.
002CC2FE -- Japanese text. Used in the tutorial when you first meet Espio. Assuming you're using a Japanese system of course.

Animated objects

002C1F78 -- TTZ fan.
002BFF9A --Bobble plants from Botanic Base zone; both varieties. This is my favorite. Also included are the three frames to the purple flowers, and the random water tornadoes, all from Botanic Base.
0022E40E -- Rings.
002CE004 -- Far backgrounds from special stage and end of normal stage.
002ACA02 -- Fireballs, explosions. Other weird effects. (the hell?)


I am far from identifying all 98 files! Any help in this section would be much appreciated.

There's more

I know nothing about character sprites or any using GBA color. Any info here would be greatly appreciated.

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