Knuckles Chaotix

About game pallets

Created by Heran_Bago.
Thanks to KojiChao, Saxman, Icy Guy, Tweaker and Dinner Sonic.
Submitted by Sonic Hachelle-Bee on May 24 2005.

All normal zones at least use genesis palletes. I don't know the addresses though.

This list is a small build on drx's from Sonic Tweaker, but this list is still incomplete.

229922 -- Title Colors
2B3CF0 -- Amazing Arena - Morning / Day
2B3D70 -- Amazing Arena - Sunset / Night
2B3EF0 -- Techno Tower - Morning
2B4070 -- Techno Tower - Day
2B41F0 -- Techno Tower - Sunset
2B42F0 -- Techno Tower - Night
2B4470 -- Marina Madness - Morning
2B44F0 -- Marina Madness - Day
2B4570 -- Marina Madness - Sunset
2B45F0 -- Marina Madness - Night
2B4670 -- Introduction - Morning
2B46F0 -- Introduction - Day
2B4770 -- Introduction - Sunset
2B47F0 -- Introduction - Night

Text on the menus, everything on the sound test (including Amy) use genesis colors too.

This section's incomplete...

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